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When I first started, I honestly hadn’t ever heard of any of the naughty things since I grew up in Iowa. I actually used to get SO irritated with the same questions that everyone asked me that I made a You Tube video of it!

As I have learned, I have been able to find stuff that turns me on that I never even knew existed!! Not only in my Porn life, but also in my personal sexual life!!! I actually always wanted boob’s since I was a little girl. Now, I would say that the most annoying thing that I get now via my social networks are the messages that just say, “Hey.” HEY WHAT?!

When I turned 18, I instantly went out and got these. Lol At LEAST send me a pic of your cock if that is all you are going to say!

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So for the next few days, I bought several shows and talked to a lot of models that were already in the industry and thought it sounded like fun!! I actually got really excited because it was hot to know that a man was jerking off on the other end while I was fulfilling his sexual fantasy. JAs for my evolution, I would have to say that I have for sure changed over the years.

I guess boobs just turn me on like they do most my fans. Well, I would have to say that I enjoy doing the typical ‘girl’ things. As most of you know, I am a big believer in the Toy’s for Tot’s campaign and every year, I always promote it on every cam show I do and on all my social networks.