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31-Aug-2020 14:30

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While of course this wasn't a scientific sample, posting luggage beat flying with it on 39% of the 108 flights we looked at – it won on 64% of Malaga flights and 60% to Berlin, but just 4% to New York and none of those to Paphos, in Cyprus.

In one case it was £41 cheaper to post a family's luggage – and on three of the 24 routes and dates a courier firm beat ALL the airlines we checked.

But to get an idea we spot-checked prices for 108 flights across eight airlines, to four destinations, in August and October, looking at luggage for an individual (15kg), couple (30kg) and family (55kg).

Our snapshot analysis found it's cheaper to post your luggage roughly a THIRD of the time – it often won for couples and families flying short distances, but rarely for single bags and almost never for longer flights.

We've loads of clever tricks to help you book flights at the right time, cut the cost of school holiday travel, grab credit card freebie flights and more.

Also see 60 Overseas Travel Tips for more ways to save on your holiday.

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It says on average premium deals last about three or four days, and error fares can go much quicker.

Momondo's figures are based on the prices quoted in flight searches, and that factors in sales too, so take its 'perfect day to book' info with a big pinch of salt, and if in doubt book early.

While doing this can be cheaper than paying to take your bags on the plane (see our full cost analysis below), this isn't just about saving money.

It's also worth checking Google Flights – it can be a useful starting point before going to some of the others – plus try and Dohop.

If you want a hotel too, Expedia* can be a good option. The last cheap booking date varies by destination, though, so you can use Momondo's 'Flight Insight' tab on many routes to see the data for it (see Flight Insight for info).Shipping bags ahead means you don't need to lug them to and from the airport – handy for families, the elderly or those with disabilities.