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12-Sep-2019 15:19

Be honest about your interest and when you talk about it also think about what she will get out of this. She has to get something out of it, not just be doing it to fulfill your fantasy.

So, for women only, what are the guys doing wrong and how can that change for the better?

There is a lot of lip service given to how important communication is in this lifestyle but the lines of communication do not seem to be as open here and that has been a frustration.

The hot wives of the board are such a valuable resource and it really doesn’t make sense why our input is subjected to such negativity. Your dreams of living this lifestyle will not be a reality without a hotwife.

We could very easily stay in the “ladies lounge” where it is a supportive environment and never subject ourselves to the criticism and offensive know-it-all behavior that has been prevalent when it comes to what “all women think” according to some of the men of the board.

I have thought of leaving however there are some supportive members that post in the general forums.

I’m hoping that continues and that we can see some improvement in the current atmosphere.

We are not toys or dolls to fill a spot in your fantasy we are women. We do not tear each other apart and we seek out advice from each other and listen to the wisdom of others.

This is very real to us, this is our lives and this is about being respectful.

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