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11-Jan-2020 06:22

Notepad, Text Edit et al.) to type the code for our first Java program.

Afterwards, save the code in a text file with a name ending in to refer to a program.

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And for many years the Java programming language has been one of the world’s most popular computer languages.Similar to human languages, programming languages have a set of words (a.k.a.keywords) and the rules for using them (the syntax).In fact, as I write this, estimates are that there is an estimated 10 million professional Java programmers in the world, but what makes it so popular?

For one thing, the same Java program can run on different devices: from desktop computers running Windows or Mac OS to handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.Java can be embedded in tiny microchips that control various home appliances or industrial devices like the ones that power smart homes where the heat or light can be programmed remotely from your phone.