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04-Dec-2019 12:10

One issue that the audience brought up, and an issue that David, Terry, and I are all seeing in the addicts we treat, is the role that sexualized video chat rooms are playing in “chemsex” addiction.Numerous people shared their stories with us both during and after the event, including a former Navy officer who’d just written a letter detailing his video and chemsex experience as part of his 9 step amends.This statement mirrors the stories we heard from multiple participants at the chemsex forum in Palm Springs.These individuals hardly ever used in the physical presence of other people, and they hardly ever had in-person sex with other people.ICUII, one of these software tools, had a chat area for gay men.

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In his amends letter, the addict also discusses how he never used drugs until after he retired from the Navy, and says that when he started, it was only in conjunction with his online sexual behaviors.

I knew that I shouldn’t get involved with crystal meth because I’d heard the horror stories, but I also started fantasizing about blowing clouds with these men.