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We can help and advise you, but it's also really important that you work out where you can get help from others.This may be through family, friends, neighbours or community groups and organisations.Everyone has a common set of needs, we also have an expert and deep understanding of the different ethnic minority and faith groups.For example, helping you get to your local place of worship, or any dietary needs that are required.We also have a huge range of flats, houses, bedsitting rooms, community cluster schemes, fully staffed hostels and crisis interventions projects; all available across the UK We have a team of inspectors in our Quality and Performance Team.They are all social workers, nurses or ex-CQC inspectors and they spend all their working time making sure that our services and support programmes are of the highest standards.There is a national level of care and support needs that all councils will consider when they assess what help they can give you.To qualify for support: When we do an assessment with you, we will consider your wellbeing and what is important to you and your family.

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However, this isn't always possible and we can give you information on what support is available.If you are unable to find your own support or you are struggling to remain independent, we may be able to provide support for you.