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We are currently unable to accept any returns or exchanges since each piece is made to order, specifically for you. Please make sure to get accurate ring sizes and chain lengths. If you received an item that is damaged or defective, please email us at [email protected] three days of receipt.

We will request that you ship it back to us so we can inspect and correct it, and then ship it back to you as soon as possible.

I work with the county boards, the States IT department who develops the Statewide voter registration database system, other agencies who are mandated to offer voter registration, including the DMV, and the public. Voter registration is required to vote, to be a candidate, to hold office, to sign a petition, to serve as a poll worker, to be a board member.2 So voter registration is easy, right? Just fill out a voter registration application and voila! It is the database of registered voters AND a whole lot more!

Today, Im going to talk to you about the fundamentals of voter registration. Youre registered.3qualifications Yes and quite simply. In order to register, a person must Be a US citizen Be at least 18 years of age by the date of the General Election Be a resident of the jurisdiction Cannot be currently serving a felony sentence4How to register? 14SEIMS IS OUR STATEWIDE VOTER REGISTRATION DATABASE SYSTEM15SEIMS = VOTER REGISTRATION DATABASEVOTERSCANIn the voter registration database, you will find registered voters AND voters who are no longer registered AND voters who didnt quite become registered.

If you would like to have your items repaired due to normal wear and tear, or even an accident, please contact [email protected] we will have you ship the item to us so we can inspect it.

Primarily, my job involves management of matters related to voter registration and absentee voting. SEIMS or the State Elections Information Management System is a suite of applications that we use to manage elections processes in North Carolina.List maintenance25Moves within the state Moves to other states Notification of death Notification of felony conviction Duplicate registrations No longer qualified (death, moves, etc.)No longer qualified (death, moves, etc.)Data accuracy and qualification checks Military and overseas citizens Same Day Registration REPEALED EFFECTIVE 2014nvrahava Pop quiz 38 Poll Title: Only American citizens may vote in North Carolina. Cm B5x54m Uuob Ob39 Poll Title: Registered voters can be removed from the voter registration database simply for not voting in a General Election. YXhcs EAU40 Poll Title: If otherwise qualified, may a 17 year-old register to vote? Ue QUf OQh Oj41 Poll Title: Are INACTIVE voters disqualified from voting in North Carolina?Then there are Temporary voters well talk more about them later.

But the database also contains voters who are Removed these voters were once registered but their voter registration has been cancelled for some reason. These voters registration application was denied because either (1) they were not qualified to vote or (2) they failed mail verification.

If you need to cancel your order, you may do so within 24 hours of the time your order was placed.

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