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He can be the uncomplicated hero, yes, like Aragorn, but he is also able to convey, as in “A History of Violence,” the ambiguity of fighting for justice amid the chaos of life.

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During a scene in The Two Towers in which Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli find the band of Uruk-hai that had captured Merry and Pippin in Amon Hen, Aragorn, in his sorrowful anger, kicks an Uruk helmet.He has played everything from a traveling shirt salesman (1999’s “A Walk on the Moon”) to a forest-bathing libertarian (2016’s “Captain Fantastic”) to Sigmund Freud (2011’s “A Dangerous Method”) to a reckless con man (2014’s “The Two Faces of January”) to a Navy SEAL (1997’s “G. quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upscale"/Traditional male movie stars are now, despite both their abundance and popularity, something of an anachronism.For better or worse, Hollywood has defined toxic masculinity more aptly than most other industries.Women today expect men on-screen not to be the stuff dreams are made of: We want vulnerability and communication and responsibility and all the uncertainty in between.

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I watched “The Bachelor” for the first time while writing this piece and realized with dismay how America’s obsession with love had long ago departed narrative film for reality television.There’s Matthew Mc Conaughey and Keanu Reeves — dreaming, or maybe just out to lunch. There’s the men you’d want to carry you from a burning building, flames licking at their heels: Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis.

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