Accuracy of pregnancy dating ultrasound

24-Dec-2019 08:10

Early ultrasound has a negligible margin of error while determining the due date.Generally, the physicians have no way to know the exact time of conception.Pregnant ladies, these days get frequent ultrasound scans done as it is a safe way to know the measurement of the cervix, the passage that makes way for the baby to be delivered, and whether the patient is ready for labour pain within the following week.Ultrasound is painless and risk-free, and seeing the baby on the screen is also an enjoyable experience.Therefore, pregnancy is calculated from the very first date of the last menstrual period.The doctor may change the due date based on the result of the first ultrasound measurement which is fairly reliable.The accuracy of determining the due date using LMP depends on regular cycles. The embryonic stage of development shown by scans is pretty uniform, and so it is more accurate to see each stage of the pregnancy through a scan.

Scans are rather a more accurate way of determining the due date.

It mostly occurs in the first trimester in most cases where the dates differ by more than a week.

If the repeat ultrasounds show the consistent progress of the foetus with no indication of any problems, then there is no reason to feel concerned if, for some reason, the doctor changes the due date.

After the first six weeks of the confirmation of pregnancy, the due date can be known by an ultrasound scan.

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Ladies, who want to be sure of their date of delivery, cannot rely entirely on the manual cervical check – a manual checking done by the doctor to feel the softness and length of the cervix with the finger to determine the date of the delivery.Pregnancy ultrasound does give an idea to the expectant mother about the approximate date of delivery.