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It will be interesting to see as hearing aid companies sort of dip their toes in the OTC market.But as an organization, ASHA continues to strongly hold that because hearing loss is a medical condition that may be the result of an underlying illness or disease, the purchase of a device that is designed to address hearing loss should only be done after an audiological evaluation by a licensed and certified audiologist.Nobody's giving them any real guidance, and of course, there's not much guidance to give at this point because we don't know when they're coming out, what they're going to look like, and how much they're going to cost. In terms of impact, there are several other factors to consider.On a practical level, it's very easy to surmise the impact of OTCs on current dispensing practices.In meetings, presentations, networking events or interviews, a hearing impairment could have an impact on an employee’s ability to do their job, if they are not properly supported or if the working environment is not inclusive of their needs.There can also often be an emotional response to hearing loss, which impacts on the social and wellbeing of the employee.But if one reads investment reports from companies that closely examine our market, they're seeing a minimal impact on practices, if for no other reason than the aging population is expanding rapidly.They see expansion of the baby boomer market as offsetting any losses within audiology practices.

Employees with a hearing impairment are protected under the Equality Act 2010 and employers are required to remove the barriers that deaf and other disabled people experience in the workplace.

How much of the information you share with colleagues or clients is via the phone, email, your intranet, website, a Power Point presentation or a short video? Technology can work as an enabler as well as a disabler.

A message from your organisation’s CEO via video on your corporate intranet can be a really powerful way to communicate with your workforce, but if that video does not have subtitles or captions, you are excluding a proportion of your staff, not limited to those with a hearing impairment but also people whose first language is not English.

Morris: I think that OTCs could help many people if they are marketed the right way.

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Every audiologist should implement these options in their practice because I do feel like that the audiologists will play an integral part in the success of OTCs.

For employees with a hearing impairment, the presence of sound in the workplace can be a daily challenge and a source of frustration.