Accommodating female and sex

18-Apr-2020 08:05

Too many men have been brainwashed by all sorts of mainstream media to think that women are all delicate little flowers, wanting nothing more than soft kisses and sweet whispers while being caressed ever-so-gently toward a calm, fulfilling ending.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The types of media that you should be paying attention to are trashy novels like 50 Shades of Grey, which found a way to tap into what women really want in the bedroom: A dominant man who can take control and can fulfill the darkest fantasies that women keep deep in the corners of their minds, but never dare talk about. Some time ago, maybe sometime in the nineties when (as David would put it) the concept of “Sensitive New Age Guys” started infecting popular culture. Instead, men were told almost universally to become more sensitive.

“Understand where the other person is coming from,” and that type of thing.

Men are definitely (in general) worse at cleaning that women. It really does vary person to person, I've seen all girl flats (single sex accommodation) where it's far worse than anything I've seen with all guys, and I also know guys who are just damn lazy too! His room isn't, but the kitchen is really tidy - because they have a clean freak friend, who makes rotas for literally everything. I think I'd feel too wierd if it was just girls living with me :/ It's a tough one.

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So what is it exactly that women want most in the bedroom?

And you can live with different people the year after anyway.