Absolute dating of brachiopods

17-Jun-2020 03:43

Nummulitic limestone was what was used to build the pyramids.

Extremely large for a foram, they can reach a diameter of six centimeters.

Sponges reached their greatest diversity during the Cretaceous period.

Competitors need to know two sponge genera for the event.

Classification: Protista (kingdom), Foraminifera (phylum), Granuloreticulosea (class), Foramiferida (order), Fusilinidae (family), Fusilinids (genus) The name "nummulites" means "little coin" in Latin.

The test of Nummulites is also spiraled, but does not form the same structure as that of the fusulinids. They date from the Paleocene to the Ogliocene epochs, and are commonly found in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia.

This is an index fossil because it evolved quickly and was very widespread.

Many forams lived benthically, but some were planktonic, and all were marine.

Their body is divided into two parts, the epitheca and the hypotheca.

The epitheca overlaps the hypotheca like the lid of a Petri dish.

They became much more common when coral reefs expanded, and would die off without them.

They are useful indicators of past environments and can be good index fossils.

The petroleum industry will analyze the foram content of the ground they want to drill in to determine whether or not to drill there.

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