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In October 2016, she became the global ambassador for Jaguar Racing.Born: Osaka, Japan Age: 26 Date Of Birth:10/31/90 Influences: Haiku poetry, Lao Zi(老子), Richie Sambora Noodle arrived in a crate. She doesn't speak more than a word of English, and that word is "Noodle." Martial Arts expert, little ice maiden, she looks at the world through unphased eyes. " With her burgeoning taste in lipstick, boob tubes, Justin Timberlake and Shaggy, she may well start breathing fire before our very eyes!One to remember who they were; their pasts and their training as soldiers.Another phrase to forget this information and all their military training. Her memory is regained and her awesome skills are returned. More importantly she has remembered the importance of her true mission.After shredding on her guitar, she spoke a single word to the trio, and it became her nickname: "Noodle".

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Stuart meets an odd, crude, sex addict and somewhat eccentric man named Murdoc Niccals. He had a grin on his face only comparable to a gremlin who just found a double dog dish with water and food at AM. Since Murdoc has escaped from jail, he finds himself involved with the two most aggressive, evilest and most sarcastic men he has ever had contact with.Just a super sweet, emotional first time between an angel who fell from Heaven and a demon who thought he'd lost the only thing that made Hell a home. As a result he becomes conflicted with the new feelings blooming for his music teacher, while his teacher struggles to get the shy teen to open up and let his voice shine.Noodle is a fictional Japanese British musician, singer, and member of the British virtual band Gorillaz.Useful if you are caught in battle behing enemy lines. one to turn her into the most devastating killing maching the world has ever seen! She was such a magnificent player, he sent her for an audition to what he believed would be the relative anonymity of a turdy English band (Who would have guessed, eh readers! The real reason for her training, and the reason why Kyuzo knew it would be Noodle that would play a role that would be of such significance!

A wave of unstoppable fury that would last precisely one minute! " But unfortunately these tests were abandoned and the government proposed to "de-commission" all of these kids. Time is of the essence and these are matters of great importance! " Noodle returns to Kong Studios to complete her unfinished business.

As a result, she is a master of many weapons, languages, and musical instruments, with a specialty in the guitar, both as a musical instrument, and a weapon.

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