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Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. He is currently working on the project, which compares studies of Islamic and customary law, and Muslim legal practices in the borderlands the Russian empire (North Caucasus) with those of its European counterparts in the North Africa and Indonesia between the middle of the nineteenth through the early twenteenth centuries. Bobrovnikov studied medieval and modern history as well as Islamic and Oriental Studies at Moscow State University and Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow. From 2009 Bobrovnikov directs Caucasus chair at the Central Eurasia Research Center of the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies. Petersburg Bobrovnikov was a fellow at Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS - KNAW) in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2017-2018. In this case, you need to contact your Internet provider and order the service of a dedicated IP address.\n In case you use the dedicated IP address service and did not perform the above described actions, please contact the Support Service","app.track_blocked_fix":"If you did not perform the above actions, please contact our Support Team.","app.profile.blocked.title":"Profile blocked","app.profile.blocked.subtitle":"Your profile has been blocked.Most likely, this happened for one of the following reasons:","app.profile.blocked.reason_1":"• offering commercial services or sex;","app.profile.blocked.reason_2":"• systematic rudeness and insulting other users;","app.profile.blocked.reason_3":"• publication of pornography;","app.profile.blocked.reason_4":"• begging, fraudulent activities","app.profile.blocked.additional.text":"For more information, see . Master Program International Relations in Euroatlantic and Eurasian Societies. He serves on editorial boards of the academic journals: ). Florian Mühlfried (Volkswagen Foundation), member of the research group2017–2018, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS - KNAW), Deconstructing Shari‘a Justice in the Russian North Caucasus, 1860s-1920s: Practices, Networks, Actors from the Post-Colonial Prospective, individual project Courses Taught: Caucasus in the Modern World (in English, Master's Programme, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, HSE, Moscow); History of Islamic Civilization (in Russian, Bachelor's Programme, Faculty of Humanities, HSE)History of Islamic Culture in Russia and Worldwide (in Russian, Bachelor's Programme on Culturology, Institute of Cultural History, Moscow); How to Write a History of Orient? Defended at Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs in May 2011. He is a member of the European Association for Middle Eastern Studies (EURAMES, London-based, from 2000), CASCADE Caucasus network (Paris-based, from 2016), Society of Russia's Orientologists (Moscow, from 2004), Free Historical Society (from 2014). In 1999 I created a philanthropic foundation in order to implement projects in education, culture and philanthropy development in a truly effective manner.The European Foundation Centre and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation are launching a new philanthropy leadership exchange programme.

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Philanthropy has become an important part of my life.(p.4 of Usage section of User Agreement);","app.captcha_reasons_3":"sending commercial offers (we strongly disfavor that!);","app.captcha_reasons_4":"discussing sex with new people (begin chatting with some more neutral subject);","app.captcha_reasons_5":"rudeness and insults to system users;","app.ip_blocked_title":"IP address is blocked","app.blocked.track.title":"Attention, this does not mean blocking your profile! Ph D (Candidate) Dissertation in General History, .

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Defended at Institute of African and Asian Studies, Moscow State University. Evolution of Ottoman-Russian Relations and Russian Orthodox Pilgrimage in the Middle East, 1774-1847.

Petersburg2002–2004, Islamic Education in the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States directed by Prof. Raoul Motika (University of Hamburg) (Volkswagen Foundation), member of the research group2007–2009, Central European University, Re SET Seminar on Methodology of History directed by Alexei Miller (Kiev), member of the research group2009–2012, The Politicisation of Islam in the Rural Communities of the Former USSR: An Interregional Comparative Study, 1950s–2000s directed by Dr.