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07-Jan-2020 15:24

Endless love and commitment: isn’t that what the whole soul mate deal is about? Image source: Flickr If you tell me about your friends, I can easily identify the kind of person that you are. The vulnerability of things makes us cherish them more, and what can be more delicate than true love? Everything is pre-planned and happens for a reason.A mirror might just reflect your appearance, but the company you associate yourself with reflects who you really are. S.: Also learn to enjoy your own company—and hold yourself to an equally high standard! As I’m revisiting these quotes, I am falling back in love with SATC! If you are with someone who you think is the person of your dreams, it must have been meant to be.I’ve been stood up, disappointed, lied to, and let down by guys I cared about. What dating lessons are you thankful to have learned?I’ve made sweeping declarations like “I’m NEVER dating again! I love the feeling you get when you’re on a first date and you truly connect. High, I will always remember my first brush with a crush. I found myself frustrated with dating, and instead channeled energy into myself, first. The only times I’ve wanted to stay friends with an ex-boyfriend have been when I didn’t want to let them go. I first heard this quote on the Oprah show years ago, and it stuck with me.I wanted to find a physically fit, successful, confident guy? With them still in my life, it was almost like I could pretend that they were still in love with me. By doing this, I was not only prolonging the inevitable broken heart coming my way, but I was also holding myself back from moving forward. For example, when a guy I like tells me that he doesn’t want a girlfriend right now, I’ve learned that it’s better to say “Ok” than it is to try to convince him why I would be such an easy, wonderful girlfriend to have. Meeting people where they are, not where you want them to be, makes dealing with dating so much easier. I’ve done just about every “Dating Don’t” on any list in all of the land, twice.You don’t only end up ruining your life, but also the lives of everyone else involved. Yes, true love is born out of desperation; if not, it’s not really love at all! How can something as great as love go out of style? “ And with this quote, it seems all of the mysteries of the world have come to an end. Sometimes hope is all that you can hold on to when it comes to looking for love. In the end, it doesn’t matter what others judge you to be, but instead how you see yourself.You now know why they flirt, why it’s easy for them to move on, and most importantly, why they aren’t always worthy of your time or love. “Go ahead and love the world, but don’t forget to love yourself (first! ” Over the course of its long and successful run, Sex and the City served as an unofficial guide on love, life, relationships, and being a woman! In the meantime, I have queued up season 2 on my DVD player with a glass of vodka as “my only ally”— I am in for some quality me-time!

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After watching countless re-runs and reveling in each episode’s quirky stories, here is a list of the 15 biggest life lessons that I learned from Sex and the City. Men will come and men will go, but girlfriends will always be there!

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If you think that SATC is only about estrogen-fueled conversations discussing Cosmopolitan and Vogue, female sexual escapades, and four hot women suffering from a constant need to overdress, you are missing the point of the show.Move around with eagles and rise to great heights; hang around lowlifes and you’ll live in the gutter! But similarly, if you find yourself dating your own self, chasing your dreams, believing in the here and now, then this was meant to be too. This is the best among all life lessons that SATC taught me.