10 best dating movies

21-May-2020 14:22

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So, we’ve decided to take those two things and combine them, resulting in a list of 11 films that can make for great first date experiences.Some of these picks are quite obvious, while others you probably would have never thought of on your own.Reeling from the one-two punch of a marriage proposal by her longtime boyfriend Anthony (Mark Webber) that she’s still not sure she’s ready for and also seeing her father, Ed (Jeff Garlin), making out with a random woman at the wedding of her friend, Allison (Ellie Kemper), Meg wanders off into the night.She’s approached by 16-year-old Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz), who’s looking to have Meg buy some beer for her and her friends.Obvious Child seeks to rethink the typical twenty-something romantic comedy.The setup is almost a parody of the scenario usually visited upon a sad-sack protagonist: Not only does Donna lose her boyfriend, she also discovers her job is ending, leaving her in a state of total limbo.But in its modest, clear-eyed way, director and co-writer Gillian Robespierre’s feature debut goes beyond the issue’s moral implications to present a realistic, sensitive portrayal of how one young woman makes her decision to terminate her unwanted pregnancy.That the movie also manages to be funny and incredibly sweet is a small marvel.

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has recently begun producing its own original romantic comedies and continues to acquire its share of others.Obvious Child stars rising comic actress Jenny Slate as Donna, a struggling standup in New York.